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Holiday Fun with the Kids

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to make fond memories with those you love. Perhaps, you’re the proud parent of young kids. If your children will be out of school for a couple of weeks over the Christmas holidays, plan something special for them. Consider introducing them to the visual arts. To help you accomplish this worthwhile task, take your little ones to a few art galleries and museums in your part of the country. While at these exciting places, talk about the paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other forms of visual art on display. On this blog, I hope you will discover fun ways to help your kids become interested in the visual arts. Enjoy!


3 Tips For Buying Art At Online Auctions

17 November 2022
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Participating in an online art auction can be a thrilling experience, but only if you're prepared. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure you're ready when it's time to bid on that perfect piece of art. To get a better idea of what's most important during the preparatory stage, keep reading below for just three helpful tips to keep in mind. Educate Yourself If you're a novice bidder, take a look at the online seller's catalog at least a few days prior to the auction. Read More …

4 Instances When You Should Consider Contacting A Contemporary Art Dealer

8 August 2022
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Whether you are an upcoming artist or just enjoy appreciating art, working with a contemporary art dealer has its perks. These dealers are professionals who buy and sell works of art. They also provide insight, connections, and resources that can be difficult to come by if you don't have industry experience. If you are looking to buy a piece of art, they can help you find what you are looking for within your budget. Read More …

Clothing Stores May Commission Custom Bronze Statues For Hip Marketing

20 December 2021
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A brilliant, artistic bronze statue draws eyes when placed outside a sports stadium or a high-end hotel. The statue may add an air of sophistication and style to a location, and the site might include a clothing store window. Clothing stores often rely on the traditional wax mannequin to help with displays, but a bronze sculpture could take things to a new level. For clothing store owners hoping to catch customers' eyes and brand themselves apart from competitors, commissioning a custom bronze statue might be an innovative marketing strategy to explore. Read More …

Tips for Reading Farm Animal Comic Strips

9 August 2021
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Many people don't realize that there are comic strips out there that cover just about every topic that you can think of. For example, there are even comic strips that feature farm animals and other pictures that can be quite amusing for just about anyone who has a farm or who regularly spends time on a farm. As someone who owns or works on your own farming operation, you might find that you can really enjoy reading farm animal comic strips, especially if you follow the advice listed below. Read More …

How To Find Collectible American Indian Figures

18 March 2021
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The search for collectible figurines usually hinges on authenticity (for older, rarer figurines) to completeness and accessibility (for new figurine series). This is still true to an extent for American Indian figures, but there's an added component when you look to buy figures depicting Native Americans. It's too easy to end up with figures that are stereotypical or that depict scenes incorrectly. A little bit of research is necessary to ensure the figures you get are ones you'll be happy to display. Read More …