Clothing Stores May Commission Custom Bronze Statues For Hip Marketing

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Clothing Stores May Commission Custom Bronze Statues For Hip Marketing

20 December 2021
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A brilliant, artistic bronze statue draws eyes when placed outside a sports stadium or a high-end hotel. The statue may add an air of sophistication and style to a location, and the site might include a clothing store window. Clothing stores often rely on the traditional wax mannequin to help with displays, but a bronze sculpture could take things to a new level. For clothing store owners hoping to catch customers' eyes and brand themselves apart from competitors, commissioning a custom bronze statue might be an innovative marketing strategy to explore.

The Bronze Statue Makes A Statement

Putting samples of clothing and accessories in a window reveals the wares for sale inside. Such a perfunctory approach to visual "window shopping" marketing is not original, and other clothing stores on a busy street likely do the same. Including a custom bronze statue in the window might set you apart, potentially encouraging customers to come inside.

The Artistic Look and Its Marketing Potential

Custom bronze sculptures are not mass-produced items with a generic look. When commissioning custom work, the client procures original artwork that could speak directly to an audience. Maybe the clothing store appeals to a trendy youth audience. The artist could devise quirky facial details that highlight trendiness. Such a modernist approach might prove impossible to ignore, a trait valuable to any marketing strategy.

Originality Carries the Sculpture

Commissioning custom artwork allows the statue to fit the store and not the store to the art. A clothing store intending to appeal to an upscale, young audience of hipsters probably wants a sculpture that makes an appropriate connection. Small details, such as the right facial expressions and hand positioning, could get across the message you are going for.

Working With the Artist

Commissioning custom work from an artist or sculptor requires providing the professional with the necessary information to deliver the desired result. Providing a general idea about the clothing store's inventory and customers helps, but additional details could give the artist the necessary insights to complete the task. Detailed photos of the items for sale and browsing customers may present artistic food for thought. So may photos of the exterior and the store window. Knowing where the statue will stand may further guide the artist's creative process.

Innovative entrepreneurs often make unique investment decisions. In many ways, commissioning a promotional custom bronze statue represents a business's dedication to the arts.