Why The Midwest Is The Best Place For Nature Art

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Why The Midwest Is The Best Place For Nature Art

17 July 2019
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Strolling through Minnesota art galleries, you are likely to see a lot of nature canvas art. It stands to reason that just about any city or state that you visit in the Midwest will have a wide variety of nature art. There are certainly plenty of reasons for it, and the following highlight why this particular subject is most common in the art from this region.

So Much Wildlife, It Is Even on the Lawn

If you drive through any Midwestern city, the thing that will strike you as most interesting is that people seem to allow all kinds of wildlife to enter their yards. In fact, they encourage a lot of animals to enter their yards. From a half dozen different kinds of bird feeders to the squirrel feeders that feature a cob of corn for the squirrels to the deer apples that invite wild deer, there are lots of wild animals everywhere. The animals do not seem to mind this shared space either. Some will walk right up to porches and a few really brazen beasts have been known to enter shops and homes to check things out before getting spooked and trying to run away. With all of the wildlife everywhere, a lot of artists here are eager to capture these moments with these creatures and "be one with nature."

The Changing of the Seasons Is Pretty 

All joking about the weather aside, there are four seasons in the Midwest. People gravitate toward spring and fall scenes because of the lush amount of color popping on the trees in autumn and the abundance of wildflowers and planted flowers in the spring. Some people also like the crystalline beauty of winter, in spite of the cold. In summer, artists are more likely to paint scenes of the many boats and watercraft out on the lakes and rivers. If you like a particular season of the year, then the Midwest is the place to get your paintings of that season. 

There Are Cabins and Quiet Resorts Galore

To paint, artists need peace and quiet, especially if they want to paint nature. Technically, the sounds of nature are still present, but they tend to evoke a certain amount of inspiration in some artists. The Midwest is dotted with many places where cabins and quiet resorts offer idyllic places to create art, and that is what makes this region of the country prolific in its nature art. 

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