4 Reasons You Should Choose an Art Storage Facility

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4 Reasons You Should Choose an Art Storage Facility

23 January 2019
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People purchase art for many different reasons. You may be a collector, an investor, or someone who simply likes to surround themselves with art they enjoy. Whatever your reasons for purchasing art, there may be times when you can't store it in your home. It may be that your collection has grown too large, or you might just need to store your art while you move. It's crucial that you store your art in an art storage facility rather than an ordinary, general purpose self-storage facility. Here are four reasons you should choose an art storage facility:

1. Temperature control

You should ideally store your paintings in a room between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because paintings can crack or flake at extreme temperatures. Art storage facilities are carefully maintained with air conditioning during the summer and heaters during the winter. You can rest assured that your art will always be stored at the perfect temperature.

2. Reduced humidity

Humidity is another thing that can damage priceless artwork. Moisture in the air can cause your artwork to warp or buckle. Depending on the length of time your art is exposed to high humidity, it can even begin to develop dangerous and unsightly mold. Art storage facilities utilize dehumidifiers to keep your paintings and other artwork dry and safe.

3. Security

Art can be very valuable, and that's the reason some people choose to invest in it. If you're an investor, you want to know that your art is in safe hands. Art storage facilities employ high-quality security systems to prevent theft. Your artwork will be much safer in a designated fine art storage facility than it would be in a self-storage rental.

4. Excellent fire safety

Fire is another pressing concern, since an uncontrolled blaze can destroy artwork very quickly. Art storage facilities typically have great fire suppression systems in place. In the unlikely event of a fire, it will be contained quickly and effectively. Art storage facilities take fire safety very seriously, so your art is probably safer than it would be in your own home.

These are just a few of the ways an art storage facility, like LA Fine Arts & Wine Storage, can keep your prized artwork safe. These storage facilities are very affordable for the quality of service they provide. There are various sizes of storage units available depending on the size and amount of art you need to store.